changed my mind

2011-06-23 10:28:28 by FuckSandwich

Neutral looks shit


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2011-06-23 16:11:24

I am glad that you changed to light for rather obvious reasons, great choice!

(Updated ) FuckSandwich responds:

We are the Legion of light!

LOL for short


2011-06-25 11:47:47

Neutral is by no means shit - green is a sign of the genius statistically speaking.

You are not a nice person >8^Y !

FuckSandwich responds:

That one hurt. </3


2011-06-25 16:24:29

I prefer light or evil.

FuckSandwich responds:

Blue and red are pretty colours.


2011-07-10 20:53:42

Real men use pink.

FuckSandwich responds:

my old acc was fab since like 08, i felt like a change :3


2011-07-26 13:21:11

Fucking fab for the win.

FuckSandwich responds:



2011-08-31 18:47:21

so that means im shit? :(

FuckSandwich responds:

No but it looks shit on a level 1!


2011-09-19 21:57:03

I got dark but I dont remember why? light is much better though

FuckSandwich responds:

lol your name is slut


2011-09-29 09:47:44

I like light, fab, and neutral in comparison to the other auras - but for dudes light is probably the best overall choice. Props! :)

FuckSandwich responds:

It is a pretty colour