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Sp1r1t - Erm Sp1r1t - Erm

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sp1r1t is dead

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Sp1r1T responds:


No you didn't.

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Bassfly - Hypothesis (Promo) Bassfly - Hypothesis (Promo)

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Very nice.

I like the glimpses of bass before the drop, although I feel the drop could be more emphasized, but I suppose that's down to personal taste.
I have my volume low so I could be wrong, but it feels like the snare is too loud, while the kick needs way more punch and presence. Try boosting around 100hz and some of the higher end. And finally, are those pads in the intro a preset? If not, how did you make them? They sound awesome.

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mr-jazzman responds:

The drums are at personal taste. I've been listening to a lot of pro dubstep, and the mix is comparable to Bar9. The snare may feel loud due to the extra reverb and compression that I gave it, but that is the effect that I desired. The kick is minimal to allow room for the uber sub bass and wobble. These are things that I've learned from producing; a loud kick can muddy up the mix. I cannot remember if the pads were a preset or not, but I used a very powerful synth to produce them. I may tell you in a PM.